About lying and cheating in software projects

Sven Henckel
Stv. Bereichsleiter Medien-IT
Laudert GmbH + Co. KG
Fr 4. Mai, 13:30 - 14:15

This is about inconvenient truths about how software vendors, integrators and their customers deal with each other. List prices, tenders, service contracts - a land of plenty for liars and fraudsters as well as for making wrong decisions. But it's not just the ripped-off service providers. In daily practice, potential customers of software manufacturers and integrators are repeatedly asked to be lied to and deceived.

Sven Henckel

Stv. Bereichsleiter Medien-IT, Laudert GmbH + Co. KG

Sven Henckel

As deputy head of the Media IT division, Sven Henckel has a comprehensive market overview in the areas of PIM, DAM and print production. He has implemented successful projects for a large number of companies from industry, trade and mail order. After studying Media Informatics, he completed his Master of Science in IT at the University of Liverpool in 2011.

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