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Guest post at Akeneos blog

The true meaning of Omnichannel

Everyone is talking about real omnichannel, but what does it mean for your organization? Jonathan Dropiewski, CEO priint Americas, will show you what belongs to true Omnichannel and how it affects your ROI.

Priint Americas CEO, Jonathan Dropiewski, provided his voice and expertise as guest blogger for Akeneo, penning his thoughts on the true meaning of Omnichannel. Beyond the buzzword, the blog entitled “Taking Your PIM Omnichannel” discusses full utilization of the the Akeneo PIM for outreach that includes the highly impactful yet too often neglected publishing side of customer connection. Jonathan completes the omnichannel touchpoint story with expansive real-world accounts of publishing as a vital companion to eCommerce and lays out the compelling case for the digital transformation to extend to print departments in order for organizations to experience the full creative, efficient and impactful benefits of a complete omnichannel initiative.

Publication Date

May 13, 2020, 08:54:55 AM

Jonathan Dropiewski
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