Customer Experience is like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Many of us like jigsaws; whether we are children or adults, nothing is more satisfying then when, after trying to figure it all out, looking at all the options of shape and colour to finally see all the pieces come together and make a full picture.

Communicating product information across the myriad of channels such as web site, apps, catalog, magazine, printed packaging insert, delivery notes and many, more of course, can be likened to being a jigsaw puzzle too.

Nothing is more frustrating for us as the customer, than to feel we’re treated the same as everyone else or even less appreciated than new customers. We all want to be treated as special if we loyally invest in a brand or product. This can happen when a product marketing organisation misses simple but impressive tricks to make us feel familiar and remembered when we interact with them.

Of course normally this happens when a good company captures our digital experience; it may be that our purchasing history is well recorded and reflected in the online responses we get. Here is where really smart companies can impress us and enhance our “Customer Experience” by expanding this out to all printed touchpoints too. Now that would be impressive.

Can you imagine fully integrating both print and digital touchpoints by merging the information captured, assembling page content specific and personal to every one of your customers. This can be achieved by referencing our experiences from every point in the customer journey in multiple printed and digital interactions with us. Up to now this has hardly been possible and practical as the touchpoints are complex and not necessarily linked together.

priint:suite links together multiple content data sources through a bi-directional hub to connect potentially valuable information, gathered both live and online to Adobe® InDesign® or Illustrator®. It can all be used in any page or file compilation in preparation for printing or simply viewing. In this scenario, it is economically possible to automate this capture for print creation alongside digital communication down the same workflow.

This can all be connected directly to the CRM, ERP, web site, business information or marketing platforms such as Adobe® Experience Manager.

Not just linking them together but being able to output content in multiple languages, if available in a data source. By dropping images and text into labels or product packaging, delivery notes, invoices, could all be personalised, at the click of a mouse or even with automated routines.

In this scenario every valued customer can feel special, maybe even receiving a printed Birthday or thank you card in the post occasionally.

Now you’re seeing the full picture of possibilities by dropping in the final pieces of the Touchpoint Jigsaw!

There are a myriad of different touchpoints that exist still in the offline world across all verticals.  If you are interested in learning more about these touchpoints, please download the Touchpoint Travel Map here

Rick Coope

Rick Coope

After spending his early years working in the printing industry as a pre-press worker educated in Birmingham UK, Rick then enjoyed a series of roles in large corporations like Agfa, Kodak and British Telecom. In 2000 he left this corporate life and worked for start-up JV’s and smaller companies, eventually running his own successful business for eight years before selling it in 2012. A year later he joined Werk II as an International partner consultant leading to a full time business development role in 2014.
Rick has always travelled and worked internationally, living in Rochester New York, London, Philadelphia, Antwerp and Singapore throughout his career. He is married to Claire and lives in Swindon, Wiltshire UK.