Flyer production at XXXLutz

The marketing universe of the XXXLutz Group is just as impressive as the contant expansion course on which the company finds itself. With solution competence and innovative technologies, our Enterprise Solution Partner Premedia supports one of the world’s largest furniture dealers in marketing.

Customer requirements

In order to inform customers about current offers, the XXXLutz Group relies on regular and high-quality flyer advertising. With more than 270 furniture stores in 13 different countries, the creation, correction and approval processes with the most varied orientations are a great challenge. In addition to cooperation and coordination between different countries, rails/brands and departments, branch-specific content must also be taken into account.

The Task

Ensuring scalability for constant expansion was an established and fixed goal. However, the previous marketing processes and technologies could not keep up with XXXLutz’s growth course. Therefore, new processes were developed, responsibilities shifted and existing and new systems integrated into the new concept.

Solution by Premedia

The rough and detailed planning of campaigns is fully system-supported by the largely automated campaign management solution. The sophisticated rights and role concept clearly defines the responsibilities in order to establish an efficient and error-free production process.

  • Central campaign management solution
  • Group-wide media asset management for all channels and touchpoints
  • priint:comet for automated print export to Adobe® InDesign® for error-free, more efficient and media-break-free collaboration between purchasing and graphic design

Advantages for XXXLutz

  • Central database
    The media asset management solution is the central hub in the company for all assets, such as images, videos, PDFs, etc..
  • Increased efficiency
    Significant increase in the efficiency of cross-departmental processes thanks to media-break-free and automated flyer generation
  • Process overview
    By mapping complex workflows (e.g. for correction and release processes), the flyer creation process is controlled and monitored.
  • Cross-media advertising
    The solution can be used not only for the production of leaflets and catalogues, but also for all advertising media such as mailings, advertisements, check books, packaging, etc.

Project information

Customer: XXXLutz KG
Product: 45.000 products
Target group: B2C
Specification: 13 Countries (11languages), 9 tracks (XXXLutz, Mömax, Möbelix, Lesnina, Carry Home, …)

The company XXXLutz KG

With sales of around 4.2 billion euros, XXXLutz is one of the world’s largest furniture dealers. Thanks to its multi-brand strategy, the company is successful in 13 countries. More than 22,000 employees at 270 locations work for XXXLutz KG.

A strong partner

Premedia supports companies in using efficient marketing processes and implementing tailor-made marketing technologies. Premedia adapts to the internal processes, infrastructure, organization and corporate culture of its customers.Premedia has been supporting and accompanying the marketing process with its solutions for more than 30 years, from the conception of marketing activities to the finished communication, and is a reliable and innovative partner of trade and industry.

Verena Schwörer

Verena Schwörer

Verena Schwörer is part of the marketing team. Formerly a budget director at a large B2B agency, she then worked for many years as a freelancer in the fields of text, graphics, events and, since 2008, in multi-faceted marketing at WERK II / priint Group.