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Experience Business and the Democratization of Design

Ingo Eichel
Sr. Manager, Business Development Creative
Adobe Systems GmbH
Do 3. Mai, 15:15 - 15:50
Strategy (905)

In the age of the experience economy, people do not buy products, they buy experiences. In this keynote Ingo Eichel explains how a product becomes an experience and what this means for their marketing and creative department. Artificial intelligence is already an important building block for meeting these new requirements. This in turn leads to democratization processes in the areas of design and creation - use the potential that results from this!

Ingo Eichel

Sr. Manager, Business Development Creative, Adobe Systems GmbH

Ingo Eichel

Ingo Eichel is Senior Manager Business Development at Adobe Systems in Munich. The expert for Creative Cloud and Digital Media advises companies, publishers, agencies and technology partners in their content processes and in digital transformation. Prior to that, Ingo Eichel was self-employed for several years with his own advertising agency and then moved to Springer Nature, where he was responsible as production manager for numerous specialist publishing houses of the media company.

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