Champagne for everyone? How much should the customer pay?

Peter Makovitzky
Vice President Business Solutions
censhare AG
Fr 4. Mai, 13:30 - 14:15

How do I plan my marketing budgets when I think in customer categories? Which customer segments are allowed to cost how much? Can this be planned in advance? Especially in print this planning is increasingly relevant, especially as digital channels not only do not reach some target groups, but they also often misuse them.

Peter Makovitzky

Vice President Business Solutions, censhare AG

Peter Makovitzky

Peter Makovitzky is global head of Business Solutions Practice at censhare. His focus is on customers' business models and how they can be optimized and expanded with censhare solutions. Peter thinks and plans in business models, associated architectures, solutions and processes. For the last 20 years he has supported global corporations in the development of customer experience strategies for digital marketing, e-commerce, CRM, mobile and social media business models. His expertise covers industries such as automotive, telecommunications, retail, life science, fashion, travel and financial markets.

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