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Control between Digital Euphoria, Disruption & Disaster

Joachim Graf
HighText Verlag Graf und Treplin OHG
Fr 4. Mai, 08:30 - 09:10
Strategy (905)

About the Agabu and the glacier dilemma. The disaster and the essence of chaos. About the digital euphoria and the misbelief of the digital world Transformation. And from the disruption, the recognition and the change in the world.

Joachim Graf

Editors, HighText Verlag Graf und Treplin OHG

Joachim Graf

Joachim Graf is a futurologist, publisher of iBusiness, the think tank for futurology in media convergence markets as well as Editor-in-Chief of ONEtoONE (the trade journal for New Marketing Management and CDOs) and mail order consultants, the trend letter for E-commerce, catalogue marketing and mobile shopping.

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