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priint:webinar - September 5, 2019

Creative Applications meet Content Systems

Join our priint Americas CEO, Jonathan Dropiewski, when he delves into the world of content systems and the creative opportunities.

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Today’s marketing publications are comprised of data from all over the enterprise.  Datasheets, catalogs, labels, packaging, spec sheets, may need data from systems like PIM, ERP, CMS, CRM and more. Creating these publications in most organizations is a time consuming manual process that can take weeks or months of mundane tasks such as old fashioned copy and paste. There is a better way.

Join priint as we show the capability for any business user to drag and drop from multiple systems into Adobe® creative suite applications like InDesign® and Illustrator® from a single plug-in. These processes can even be completely automated. Turn creative and layout process times from weeks and months into hours and days and allow offline touchpoints to be truly incorporated into an omnichannel marketing strategy.

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Thu, Sep 05 2019, 04:00 PM CEST - Thu, Sep 05 2019, 04:30 PM CEST

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