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Print spielt eine wichtige Rolle in der Multichannel Kommunikation!

Multichannel Publishing im Fokus auf der DRUPA 2016

Red Sofa Interview Drupa 2016 mit Horst Huber — CEO der priint Group - WERK II

Database publishing was in the spotlight on Drupa 2016 for the dip! energy lounge in­terview.

Knud Wassermann Chief Editor of Graphische Revue, spoke with Horst Huber from Werk II about multi-chan­nel trends.

"The ability to handle all kinds of data within the wider process is an important considera­tion," said Huber. 

"Then data must be man­aged so ail output channels can actually be served with just one source. Thirdly, there is customer communication, which also re­quires the use of data."

Huber remarked that it is often wrongly assumed that printed products would only play a relatively small role in a multi-chan­nel publishing environment.

"The fact is, print has a central and growing im­portance in multi-chan­nel," he said.

Red Sofa interview at Drupa 2016 with Horst Huber


Jul 7, 2016, 10:08:00 AM





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