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PreSales Support

We are supporting your sales by analysing customer requirements, proposing, preparing and demonstrating technical solution plus providing initial technical support.

  • analysing customer requirements (ex. from a Request for Information)
  • proposing a demo scenario
  • preparing a customized demo system
  • demonstrating the priint:suite
  • provide initial technical support
  • review ballpark costs (licenses & services)

Project consultancy during the Blueprint Phase

During Blueprint Phase our experienced consultants support and guide you actively through the Blueprint Phase. When the scope of application defined during the Blueprint Phase makes extensions for the priint:suite necessary you can influence the product roadmap of the priint:suite. We gather together which functions are relevant for the priint:suite and which functions may developed as customer specific functions.

  • Projection and process definition
  • People affected: Responsibilities and roles
  • Define Functional requirements
  • Publication Analysis
  • Cost awareness and transparency

Network configuration services/installation services

  • Installation services: Installation of priint software modules on your server.
  • Safeguarded roll-outs: Adaption of priint software modules, integration of application software, structured IT-documentation.

Development Support

Our priint:team offers Development Support for customers and partners. We can offer you Development Support amongst others for:

  • Data Mapping Methods (Java)
  • Connector Development for a Content System (JSON, REST, XML-Source, . . . )
  • Data Provider Methods (JSON, REST, XML-Export, DB-Import, . . .)
  • Plugin-Development to extent standard functionality (Java)

Project Monitoring

Our priint:team checks and evaluates the results from defined milestones.

  • The solution design of the first “Kick Off” 
  • The defined Target Processes
  • Design of Entity models
  • Complete results for the Blueprint Phase
  • Review Costs Estimations for a project

Pit Stop

Our priint:team will closely examine the priint project, inspects problem zones and pinpoint the potential for optimisation. Profit from our experience with over 300 customer references from all sectors of industry. That is what you can expect of us:

  • Kick-off meeting: We gather all the key people and everyone involved around one table.
  • Analysis: We collect all the relevant information about the processes in your priint environment. 
  • Concluding meeting with the decision-makers.The results are presented to you.
  • Effective and structured: All the facts are put on the table. Decisions can be made immediately on what to do next
  • Detailed report: A detailed report containing all the concrete solution scenarios for your company.
  • Your benefits: Enhance your productivity and efficiency with an pit stop. Secure yourself reliability from experts.

This pit stop will help your project to recapture its drive and performance.


To ensure a high degree of know-how, experience and qualification by certifying our partners. The certification process claim partners to provide a selected number of qualified consultants for each of the roles needed to execute the project. Therefore we offer an extensive qualifying programme. consisting of:

  • Standard Trainings
  • Certification Programme for Partner
  • Individual Trainings (ex. "training-on-the-job")

To allow customers to develop their own solutions based on priint:suite, it is possible for them to train and qualify as solution partners too.

Bestpractise & Vision Workshops

In this workshop we will present new technologies and latest developments in the publishing sector. We will support you to explore possibilities for your next innovations by discussing best practise implementations with priint:suite and our strategies and plans.

You will get informations about the most recent roadmap of the priint:suite and we will gather with you possible next steps for the publishing strategy of your company.

This supports you to develop a clear and specific vision, designing a framework for innovation and identifying a first draft plan for the next steps to help you achieve your vision.

Help Desk & Maintenance

  • We provide our partners and customers with information and support related to our priint:suite and our services. 
  • Access to our Knowledge Base
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bugtracking
  • Software Delivery (Update Versions / Upgrade Versions)
  • Guidance about our products

A maintenance or a partner contract with us is mandatory to get access to our Help Desk.

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