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Digital Transformation in Sales & Marketing at 3M

Markus Köster
IT Manager Digital Customer Solutions, EMEA
3M Deutschland GmbH
Fr 4. Mai, 11:10 - 11:45
Strategy (905)

The digital transformation affects all areas of our society and all companies, whether evolutionary or revolutionary depends on the personal perception and the respective environment. This presentation will talk from a 3M point of view about the implications for our sales and marketing organizations and in particular the related impact on Information Technology in EMEA and globally. This includes the challenges are we facing and how we deal with the increased complexity and faster changing technical environments and market/customer requirements in respect to systems, processes and organizations.

Markus Köster

IT Manager Digital Customer Solutions, EMEA, 3M Deutschland GmbH

Markus Köster

Current position: IT Manager Digital Customer Solutions, EMEA. Working since 15 years for the 3M Company; 3M Deutschland GmbH, located in Neuss. Overall experience in several IT companies as program manager and consultant for more than 25 years.?Mr. Köster leading the Digital Customer and Commerce Solutions IT team in EMEA which is located in Germany, UK and Spain. This comprises the platform, Sales & Service Automation, Marketing Automation, eCommerce, eLearning, Product Content & Asset Management and Mobile Solutions. As area IT owner of this portfolio in Europe, Middle-East and Afrika, his main objective is the alignment of priorities and plans with the various portfolio-, product owners, business counterparts and global IT organizations, in order to ensure successful deployments and effective usage of this capabilities.

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