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Canter Oy

Canter Oy

Canter est une société de logiciels finlandaise spécialisée dans la gestion des informations sur les produits et les solutions d'automatisation de la publication. Nous fournissons des solutions basées sur des technologies modernes qui contribuent à augmenter la valeur du capital numérique de nos clients.

Canter Oy • Canter Oy

We help our clients to communicate about their products more efficiently by using better product information.

Canter is a Finish software company that specializes in product information management (PIM) and publishing automation solutions. We provide solutions based on modern technologies that help increasse the value of our clients' digital capital, improve their performance and succeed in multichannel trading. We have been Priint: partner since 2013 and implemented about ten publishing automation projects with Priint.

Our clients are significant companies in industrial, trading and service sectors. They value our knowledge and attitude along with our long-term partnership. We are an agile, medium-sized expert organization. You will recognize us from our expertise, uncompromising attitude and creativity. We wish to be the best possible partner in our field of expertise!

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Canter Oy
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