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Canto DAM Summit Europe 2016

In connection with DAM publishing Kay Puffer has successfully presented the touchpoint traval map. So, the audience got a first idea of the relevance of DAM publishing and could collect worthful information about the context of Canto DAM and the priint:suite of WERK II.

Canto DAM Summit 2016 in Berin:

Kay Puffer, Head of Presales Consulting, Werk II, presented the connection of Cumulus to the leading publishing solution priint:suite. This enables to connect the content and asset workflows from Cumulus with the publishing functionality of priint:comet. The relevance of print as an integral part of a successful Multi Channel communication was shown by Mr. Puffer with the aid of the touchpoint travel map developed by WERK II.

Date Publication

Jan 26, 2017, 11:31:00 AM



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