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Hansgrohe - Quotation preparation with CRM, ERP, PIM and priint:suite

Timo Zimmermann
Digital Media Project Manager
Hansgrohe Group
Do 3. Mai, 15:15 - 15:50
Best Practice (901)

In the field of international projects, the response offer for projects is the company's calling card. Therefore, the design and information content of the document is very important. In this project, the CRM content is enriched with data from the PIM system and generated in a visually appealing layout in the priint:suite at runtime.

Timo Zimmermann

Digital Media Project Manager, Hansgrohe Group

Timo Zimmermann

As Digital System Architect Timo Zimmermann is responsible for the conception and evaluation of new systems/projects/requirements for implementation from an architectural perspective and forms the interface between project manager, stakeholders and service provider.

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