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infuniq systems is a specialist in the management and modelling of complex and structured product information. We are reliable problem solvers and take care of all issues our clients face in realising their digital product communication.

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infuniq services: In an agile and iterative manner we realize your PDM/PIM strategy - strategically expedient and manageable

The most helpful "best case" is your own "use case"!
Iteratively and in rapid, manageable projects, we make you a digital leader within your branch.
We analyze the actual situation and offer strategic consulting and services to ensure your entrepreneurial business and future ability to act. Therefore, we create a sustainable IT basis, suitable interfaces and agile processes to establish professional Product Information Management step by step in the company. Our focus is on time savings as well as expenses and cost reductions while increasing your communication capabilities.

Instead of long-term commitment of investments and resources at ever-changing market requirements, we come to you with advice, expertise, implementation know-how and a flexible software solution with low fee.

The tool for your agile PIM strategy:
With infuniq-pure, we have a tool that allows you to optimize your entire product and brand communication directly at the product information base.
Based on this, we will develop solutions that fit into your business.

infuniq brings your product information in that form and quality from A to B, as required by you:

  • organize data sources and outputs & solve consistently API challenges
  • manage and transform information centrally and according to your requirements
  • make your information available and useable for all marketing and sales- channels

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