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Medium-sized companies bet on Lobster_pim for their Product Information Management,

- because the software is configurable - thus obviating programming
- because Lobster_pim offers integrated data management - and with it a seamless connection to all data sources, shops, and dealer portals
- because "Made in Germany" guarantees German documentation, contact partners, and support services

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Lobster_pim is the successor to the PIM-system CaTS. It allows companies to store all their product data in one centralised location, to further enhance it and to access it online.


- integration of suppliers, customers, business partners, and online marketplaces
- maintenance of data in one system, from any location
- consistent product information for all target media and customer groups
- automated notification of new products and changes
- database publishing for print and digital publications
- modern version control for high data safety
- comprehensive administration of rights
- optimised workflows

To guarantee a consistent, location-independent database, Lobster_pim allows the processing of different language versions, making product information quickly available in all relevant languages. Other than the immediate product data, media data and documents can also be managed with Lobster_pim, connecting them directly with the former. This PIM-system possesses, in both input and output, flexible conversion tools to im- and export XML, csv, Excel, mdb or ASCII-data. In addition, it can channel data into pdf-format on the click of a button.     

The modules 'graphic site design' and 'database publishing' (priint:comet-interface) directly use product information to generate catalogues. Whether your own shop-system or one waiting to be implemented: Lobster_pim offers an add-on module for responsive websites - with interactive, editorially supported product areas that are directly updated out of the PIM-system. In so doing, Lobster_pim operates as a backoffice for all product data.  

Summary of the Lobster_pim advantages:

- efficient management of translation processes
- classification following ecl@ss, proficl@ss, UNSP/SC and ETIM
- automated data supply to B2B-/B2C-Shops, dealer portals, etc.
- consistent provision of product information for sales, electronic catalogues (e.g. BMEcat), pricelists, data sheets, etc.

For more information on the configurable PIM-software „Made in Germany", please visit

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