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Descours & Cabaud chooses priint:suite to improve their publishing processes.

Descours & Cabaud

Descours & Cabaud improves their publishing processes and production of catalogs with priint:suite.

Descours & Cabaud exists since 1782 and he is the leading supplier in technical solutions for industry and business.

Descours & Cabaud operates in 9 European countries and in North America and counts about more than 1 million of product references. All these data are managed into the SAP hybris PIM Solution.

In addition, they are using our priint:suite Solution to improve their catalogs production and manage all the related processes.

The implementation of the all project has been realized by our prefered partner concept2publish.
Descours & Cabaud

Publication Date

May 2, 2016, 09:48:00 AM