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2015 Partners Awards

priint:day | Partners Awards

The awards recognize priint partners' commitment to enabling the publishing to accelerate business processes, information needs, supply chain challenges and data insights that provide companies with a better way to work. Announced at 8th priint:day, the 2015 winners include: Gaficon, Osudio, Hoffmann Group and Laudert.

Congratulations to the 2015 priint partners winners!

priint wanted to take the opportunity of the 8th priint:day to launch his 1st priint:awards to recognize exceptional inovations, publishing projects, partners and people involved in all our projects. Selecting the winners of these awards was not a simple task, many great things happened in the past year.

We would like to thank all our partners who submitted their application for the priint:awards. These awards recognize partners for their outstanding efforts in deriving business value from innovative and successful software deployments using priint:suite Data Publishing Solutions.

We had to chose from 80 partners, lots of projects, talents and hard working teams. We segmented the awards in 3 categories:

  • Best innovation of the year
  • Best Publishing project of the year
  • Best Partner of the year Objective

Condition:  Implementations, developments must have started in the year  2015.

Categories & Winners
  • Innovation of the year

We had more than 30 submissions and we selected 6 partners/ innovations.
The term innovation is very broad. Many ideas could be submitted:

• Business idea,
• A concept,
• A new type of service,
• Exceptional technical implementation in the field of priint:suite,
• The submitted innovation should deal in the broad sense with priint:suite.
• Level of reusage of existing components
• Created business value
• Uniqueness (technical, for the market, for the customer)
• Creativity

The winner is   gaficon

Gaficon have utilized Publishing:hub to establish a new business model, to propose easy development of new connectors for priint:suite.

  • Publishing Project of the year

    We had more then 20 submissions and we selected 8 projects / 7 partners.
    This category was not really easy to evaluate:

• Complexitity of the project
• Page Output (Qty of pages, layout complexity, performance)
• Application field (how priint:suite was used)
• Challenges about Workflows and process management
• Added Value for the customer

The winners are   osudio   for the hoffmann group  project
Osudio has carried the most complex, powerful project ever done with priint:suite

  • Partner of the year

    Not simple at all choosing the best from the best of partners from more than 80 partners
    Like the other, this one is also difficult to evaluate:

• Quantity of ambitious projects
• Quantity of qualified consultants
• Support of different content systems
• Licence Revenue
• Innovation

The winner is   Laudert 
Laudert has reached all the targets required

We would like to thank all our partners who submitted their application for the priint Awards and also all our 80 partners who helped us to achieve our goals.

Explore the partner companies and their solutions from around the globe who were winners or finalists during our 2015 Partners challenge and  find out more about these exceptional achievements.

Publication Date

Jun 7, 2016, 06:29:00 AM

Relevant Date

May 24, 2016 (06:30: PM)




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