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Partner certification

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Why become a partner?

  • Competence tested and verified by Werk II
  • Reseller conditions for the entire Werk II portfolio
  • Access to extensive technical and sales-relevant resources for the expansion of know-how
  • Cooperation with Werk II for extension of range and safeguarding of business
  • Access to beta versions and pre-releases
  • Access to extensive partner network
  • Participation in leading event for omni-channel publishing, namely the priint day in the DACH room
  • Address and corporate profile of partner on priint.com
  • Project-support through Werk II Professional Service (subject to a charge)
  • Project transfers after blue print phase
  • Lead protection

How can I become a partner?

  • The basis for a suitable partnership is determined within the framework of a partner meeting
  • Formally, a framework partner contract and partner agreement are concluded. The partner agreement defines the parameters of the partnership
  • The partner undertakes to observe the jointly developed qualification plan

Who can be certified?

  • We certify individuals, exclusively and directly
  • Certification takes place after the successful completion of a standard training program
  • The certification of a company derives from the certificates of its employees.

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