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Pixelboxx GmbH, as a leading provider of media asset management, offers a web based solution, which enables a media neutral and overall business process management and media specific output. Pixelboxx increases the productivity and efficiency of media workflows and optimizes marketing processes demonstrably.

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Pixelboxx, est. 2000, is a leading full-service provider of digital asset management solutions. The portfolio covers digital asset management and web publishing solutions.ndustrial businesses, retailers and service providers, publishers, media producers and agencies as well as numerous public institutions are to be found among our trusting customers.

Pixelboxx DAM is the digital management system to organize media assets, multimedia content and a broad range of digitally handled and widely used file formats. Pixelboxx ensures the secure and protected storage of confidential information. At the same time it boosts the efficiency of processes regarding the publishing of documents, images and video files.

Integrating a central Pixelboxx digital asset management system into an array of interconnecting applications, such as content management systems (CMS), product information management (PIM) or print applications, is most easily done with proven and standardized web-services and specifically designed interfaces.

Intermedia Fotoficient is our dynamic web publishing solution. The framework can be used to apply nearly any transcoding operation to the assets from your DAM system. Intermedia is used to apply cropping paths, allow rotations, add layers with logos or other information. It can be used to generate 360° views and different image galleries.

Pixelboxx Edge extends the range and the value of your content by granting access to dedicated assets easily for all appropriate stakeholders  . With Pixelboxx Edge customers can create brand media portals that precisely fit their needs.

Our clients benefit from our extensive experience with media related business processes as we provide consultancy services for all aspects of organizing, handling and communicating with multimedia information as well as project management. As do our partners when we support them throughout implementation or integration projects. An extensive training on Pixelboxx tools and DAM methods guarantees an efficient and smooth advancement for all stakeholders. With proven best practice methods to break down media management requirements, solving the problem starts right at the beginning.

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