Speakers priint:partner conference 2019

Christian Stocker

Senior Consultant & Senior Architect, Werk II

Christian has been an enterprise publishing technology consultant and developer for over 20 years. Combining his role as Senior Architect and Senior Consultant, during this time he has been responsible for the Publishing Server architecture as well as project delivery. His experience is valued and shared across the priint:suite software development team.


Tables in priint:suiteĀ 

Thursday, 14:15 - 15:00 // Room I
"The priint:suite opens up a multitude of possibilities for dealing with tables: From tables taken from content systems, dynamic tables that are generated dynamically at runtime on the basis of product data, HTML tables or tables that are created using the priint:comet Table Wizard. From priint:suite 4.1.5 there is the additional possibility that the user can create the tables himself in the priint:planner.
Christian Stocker introduces the different methods and explains their advantages and disadvantages."

Solution Design - priint:suite scenarios

Thursday, 17:00 - 17:45 // Room I
Purposes and how the priint:suite is used are very different. Our Chief Solution Architect Christian Stocker gives an overview of the common solution scenarios. From desktop scenarios, workgroup scenarios, server-based rendering, web-to-print scenarios to headless operation of the priint:suite.

How to accelerate priint:suite project

Thursday, 10:00 - 10:45 // Room I

Implementing priint:suite projects faster and more cost-effectively is a challenge for partners. Therefore, WERK II provides its partners with a reference project implementation. This Accerlating package will be presented in this presentation.

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