Speakers priint:partner conference 2019

Paul Seidel

Head of Rendering Technology, Werk II

Paul and Horst have worked together for over 25 years now. As a co-founder of WERK II, Paul has led the comet plug-in development team since the early days. He has pioneered automation with Comet PlugIn, the powerful database publishing function of priint:suite. His latest creation is the priint:comet pdf renderer.


News from priint:comet InDesign / pdf renderer  

Thursday, 16:15 - 17:00 // Room II
Our classic priint:comet with which everything began is available in version 4.1.6 for CC 2019. Even when the comet is mature and offers a wide range of functions, our developers always come up with new cool functions. The priint:comet pdf renderer is the set rendering server for a Linux environment. Learn new and interesting details from our developers.

priint:comet with Adobe Experience Manager 

Friday, 10:45 - 11:30 // Room I
The integration of product data with editorial content is becoming increasingly important in the customer experience. Typically, editorial content is not stored in PIM systems, but in web content systems. Paul Seidel and Horst Huber show how priint:comet can be integrated into Adobe Experience Manager.

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