Speakers priint:partner conference 2019

Dietmar Feld

Head of Professional Service, Werk II

Dietmar Feld is Head of Professional Service at WERK II. Prior to this he worked for many years in the fields of software-driven/computerised publishing as a consultant, presales consultant and product /project manager. Today, he contributes his wealth of industry experience to the organisation of WERK II ensuring the successful completion of joint priint:suite projects with partners and customers.


Personalized marketing with priint:suite

Friday, 09:00 - 09:45 // Room I
Personalized marketing is in the perspective of print a strategy by which companies deliver individualized content to recipients through data collection, analysis, and the use of automation technology for the rendering of print layouts.
The highest form of personalized marketing is 1: 1 marketing with up to 100% individualized content. This requires a high-speed rendering engine on the print output side. Dietmar Feld gives an insight about different solution scenarios with the priint:suite and informs about possible applications and limits.

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