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The automation solution for creatives / THE LEADING DATA-driven PUBLISHING SOLUTION

The automatic and non-linear adaptation of document formats for InDesign. A valuable tool for producing advertisements in various page formats or for dynamic label production.

The priint:comet InDesign plugin is the leading integrated automation solution for Adobe® InDesign®. With it, increased efficiency can be achieved for all types of publications. From freely designed mail order pages to fully automated industrial catalogs. The priint:comet plugins are seamlessly integrated into InDesign® and can be used as stand-alone or groupware solutions. In addition to the various functions for automated page generation (flow layout, raster layout, free layout), the focus is on the correction and change process: automatic updating of content, automatic exchange of content (e.g. product swaps), intelligent reorganization of page content, page stretches without detail loss and supporting a digital correction process. 

The priint:comet functions are consistently based on the InDesign® standard functionality. This ensures a high level of user acceptance and low training and familiarization costs. The templates are created in InDesign®; the user does not have to leave their familiar working environment.

In addition to automation on the desktop workstation, the priint:suite also offers server-supported automation functions.

Key Features & advantages

The entity model forms the core of the publishing hub. The contents of all integrated content systems are combined in the entity model to form a uniform data model. This entity model is created through configuration; programming skills are not required. The publishing hub provides the data for output systems via data providers, e.g. the priint:comet and priint:pdf renderer database publishing components. External systems can also access the consolidated publishing data. Publishing-specific content, which cannot be queried via a link to external content systems, can be saved in the publishing hub database.


Applications & Touchpoints

Here are some examples for what you could need the: priint:comet InDesign plugins

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