10th priint:day 2021

360° Content Viewing

June 1 + 2, 2021

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Deutschland

The priint:day is the leading conference for multichannel publishing with over 400 participants from industry, whole sale distribution and retail.

The largest German-language meeting of the multichannel industry - and thus your leitmotif for more efficient and better product communication - enters its 10th round: The priint:day!

The digitalization of marketing is progressing and it is becoming more and more apparent that data & content are becoming the central challenge of marketing. This is why the anniversary priint:day offers a 360° view on content and print touchpoints. A 360° content strategy includes the consideration of technologies and systems, the digitalization of processes in the area of master data and marketing, the automated creation of content and the communication mix in the multichannel strategy to create the best possible customer experience. Print and publishing touchpoints are an integral part of a multichannel strategy that complement and enhance digital touchpoints. A 360° view of print touchpoints in the context of a digital communication strategy helps to improve the customer experience and advance digitalization in communication.

This means that e-commerce and digital marketing will be more concerned with digital print. The priint:day provides orientation in the digital transformation of the print channel for offline and online users.

For this anniversary we have chosen a unique location: The Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. A disused steel foundary plant which has reinvented itself and is today an international event location with a unique landscape garden development.

*Price for the previous and main day; For partners of WERK II / priint Group 299€ - Sponsors according to agreement



The first day is all about details that make a project a success or a failure. Experts from various fields share their expertise with you. Of course there will be an introduction to the priint:suite and an in-depth presentation. You can ask experts for concrete and practice-oriented advice in the Hands on Sessions.
Between sessions you will always have enough time to make new contacts or exchange ideas. We will end the day with our Come Together Party.


The 360° view

Data is the new raw material. This mantra of the Internet age is repeated a thousand times. But why is it so difficult for companies to solve their data problem, no matter what it is - customer data, master data or product information? This is one of the key reasons why we will be focusing on content creation on the 10th priint:day. What are suitable processes, which systems can be used, which possibilities are there to create content automatically and how can the annoying data problem be solved? Experts and customers give practice-oriented lectures. In the second 360° view it is about the future of print touchpoints and the digital transformation of offline marketing. In his inspiring keynote "Back to the Future", our thought leader Horst Huber will bring the topics into a comprehensive context.

Networking & Teambuilding

Evening Event

After a champagne reception and the award ceremony of the priint:awards we will enjoy a delicious dinner together. Afterwards we will end the evening with a live band and a tournament. Let us surprise you with what we have carefully put together for this year. The only thing missing is you and hopefully a good mood!

Interesting & Innovative


As always, we have something innovative and new in our program: On the 10th priint:day 2021 you will have an all-round carefree package. Experience Best Practice lectures, Deep Dive and Hands on Sessions, the opportunity to talk to insiders & experts from various subject areas personally and directly and of course time for networking.

Our best!


Be there when the priint:awards are presented to the best in the industry as part of our festive evening event! In the categories "Partner of the Year", "Innovation of the Year" and "Publishing Project of the Year" in the areas of "Traditional Publishing", "Customer Experience" and "E-Commerce", and of course prizes will be awarded!

Speaker & Presentations

Practice & Perspectives

Top-class speakers with keynote speeches, strategy and practical lectures at the expert level convey visions, concepts and strategies for the communication worlds of tomorrow. Trust the best practice reports from leading companies in IT / media, industry, whole sales and retail.

Hands On

Personal, Face to Face and Interactiv

As always, we have innovative and new things in our program: at the 10th priint:day 2021, there will be several "Hands On" sessions the day before, where experts will give insights into their fields parallel and in a row.

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Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

  Emscherstrasse 71 • 47137 Duisburg • Germany

The Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord combines industrial culture, nature and a fascinating light spectacle to create a unique park landscape. 

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