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Conversations with Contentserv

Jonathan Dropiewski joins the video series from Contentserv

Why you need the digital transformation in times of COVID-19 and how our priint team supports and enables our customers in this time - You can hear the answers in the latest episode of "Conversations with Contentserv".

Not long ago, Jonathan Dropiewski, priint Americas CEO, virtually visited with Contentserv’s Joe Walsh as part of the “Conversations with Contentserv” video series. A departure from standard industry webinars and interviews, the conversation focused on the quickly evolving roll of business in an increasingly uncertain world, highlighting the importance of responsible leadership and the thoughtful intentionality required to guide existing customers through a challenging landscape. Jonathan and Joe also discuss their own personal experiences adjusting to and navigating remote work that includes energetic kids, spouses and barking dogs.

Publication Date

May 13, 2020, 08:55:45 AM

Jonathan Dropiewski
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