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priint:suite Key Features: Integration in content systems

priint:site integration in more than 100 content systems worldwide

priint:suite allows the simple and fast integration of a wide variety of data sources.

It is often necessary to publish from existing content systems which already contain product data. It may also be the case that the data for print publishing does not originate from a single data source, but from several data sources, even if it is only the case that promotion-oriented prices have to be used for a catalog or a price list.

priint:publishing hub is middleware that was specifically designed to meet publishing requirements. A large number of market-leading content systems have already been integrated through the utilization of connectors. New content systems can also be integrated in a very simple manner.

In this way, the publishing process can be optimized through system support without the implementation of sophisticated content projects. Existing data can be put to better use in the print and publishing area.

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