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Key features

One suite, multiple features

The priint:suite key features cover all of the core requirements of data driven publishing.

One suite for all publications

One suite for all publications

priint:suite is designed for all types of publications.

The priint:suite components support the publishing processes of industrial enterprises, intermediaries, trading companies and mail order businesses. priint:suite customers produce a wide range of publication types, from fully automated datasheets and catalogs to sales documentation, structured pricelists, product flyers and leaflets as well as highly designed mail order catalogs.

The solution for creative minds

The solution for creative minds

priint:suite combines automation and creativity.

The priint:suite plugins for Adobe®InDesign® eliminate routine tasks and give creative minds and media designers additional freedom, paving the way for seamless workflows in InDesign.   Creative employees do not have to learn new tools, as templating in InDesign takes place in their familiar working environment. The automation functions of priint:suite provide relief from the constraints of routine tasks, affording additional time and freedom for true creativity.

Cost-effective & faster access

Cost-effective & faster access

The modularity and efficiency of priint:suite allows fast and cost-effective access to database-supported print publishing.

The components of priint:suite pave the way for fast and low-cost access. A wide range of automation functions are provided "out of the box". priint:suite also has interfaces to a large number of content systems. The open architecture of priint:suite facilitates the fast and uncomplicated integration of new data sources. Thanks to the wide range of standard functions, sophisticated publishing can also be quickly implemented.



priint:suite allows continuous, web-based workflows.

priint:planner and priint:whiteboard are web applications. Customers can freely select the publishing workflows that should take place via a web application and the tasks that should be carried out using Adobe InDesign workstations. This flexibility facilitates the implementation of a wide variety of application scenarios and the integration of departments and external companies in the publishing process.

Connectivity & domain publishing

Connectivity & domain publishing

Straightforward integration and a large number of existing interfaces pave the way for the fast utilization of data in publishing with priint:suite.

publishing:hub is middleware that quickly and efficiently connects a wide variety of data sources. Interfaces to more than 50 content systems are linked to priint:suite components, verifying its integration capability. Thanks to its open architecture, new systems can be connected rapidly, and priint:suite customers can also integrate individually developed content and ERP systems.



From the single-user solution to the enterprise publishing platform

priint:suite is fully scalable with the flexibility to grow in support of a company's evolving publishing requirements.

Starting with the single-user solution

Many priint:suite customers initially use the priint:comet database publishing solution

1,200 catalogues per year

The mail order company Witt Weiden creates more than 1,200 catalogues per year with priint:suite

2,000 users on a web-to-print portal

The media service provider WPS uses priint:suite technology to operate a web-to-print portal for its customers. The portal has more than 2,000 users.

50 external agencies

The mail order company bonprix uses priint:comet plugins to integrate in excess of 50 external agencies and media service provides and can thereby produce more than 250,000 pages

Global enterprise platforms

Customers such as 3M use priint:suite as a global publishing platform Enterprise publishing Customers such as Peter Justesen have integrated the publishing processes into their other corporate processes so as to eliminate correction loops between purchasing and marketing

50 integrated systems

Interfaces are currently available for over 50 content systems

250,000 designed pages

bonprix creates more than 250,000 designed pages per year with priint:suite

100,000 pages per hour

Customers generate up to 100,000 pages per hour OnDemand