Werk II

Rendering server

On-demand high speed rendering

The rendering server allows the scalable, on-demand generation of InDesign and PDF documents. With and without InDesign server.

Your advantages

priint:rendering server helps to automate dtp workflows. Due to its speed and scalability documents can also be created on demand. 

  • High-speed rendering of documents

  • Automation of DTP processes

  • Faster content processing with preview rendering

  • Reduction of external agency costs

  • Shorter process time

  • High process reliability through the automatic validation of documents

  • New touch points with OnDemand publishing


Key features

  • Scalable server architecture

  • Generation of InDesign-compatible documents and PDF documents

  • Templates are created in InDesign with the help of the priint:comet plugins

  • Integration in workflow system

  • Optional native support of the InDesign servers

  • Support for business rules for the validation of generated or updated documents

  • Monitoring of server jobs via web application