Werk II

Business requirements

Decentralized Collaboration

priint:suite provides powerful functions for collaborative work through its web-based components and in InDesign.

The trend is clear: distributed work plays an increasingly important role in the publishing area. There are various reasons for this:

  • The outsourcing of artwork and finishing activities right up to the involvement of media service providers, distributed production significantly reduces the publication process.
  • Development of publishing platforms that can be used globally and in which pages can be created with server support and finished locally.
  • Integration of new user groups, e.g. distribution of business partners, in the publishing process to support new touchpoints in a fast and effective manner.

With its server-supported, web-based applications, priint:suite allows distributed production in all publishing phases. The graphic designer can use InDesign to access centrally managed documents. The digital commenting function facilitates collaboration between different roles.

Higher page output

priint:suite enables the system-supported creation, updating and quality assurance of pages.

A growing number of print pages are being published in spite of diminishing print runs: the trend is moving towards more target group-oriented and individualised publications for a growing number of countries and markets. Added to this is the rapid increase in the number of digital pages (e.g. PDF documents or html5 documents), that are used as digital touchpoints.

In addition to the traditional database functions, priint:suite offers the following future-oriented features to ensure that companies can cope with the increasing page output in an efficient and reliable manner:

  • automatic rendering and updating of documents
  • system-supported verification of content changes
  • preflight check
  • process-oriented quality checks based on business rules
  • workflow-based quality and plausibility checks

Integration in content systems

priint:suite allows the simple and fast integration of a wide variety of data sources.

It is often necessary to publish from existing content systems which already contain product data. It may also be the case that the data for print publishing does not originate from a single data source, but from several data sources, even if it is only the case that promotion-oriented prices have to be used for a catalog or a price list.

priint:publishing hub is middleware that was specifically designed to meet publishing requirements. A large number of market-leading content systems have already been integrated through the utilization of connectors. New content systems can also be integrated in a very simple manner.

In this way, the publishing process can be optimized through system support without the implementation of sophisticated content projects. Existing data can be put to better use in the print and publishing area.