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The challenge

Retailers are the worst hit by the effects of the digital transformation. Companies such as Amazon exert considerable pressure. Consistent multi-channel communication and an omni-commerce strategy help to secure the established market position and develop new business fields. The dovetailing of online and offline communication plays a decisive role.

The change management task of consistently aligning communication towards a multi-channel strategy is enormous. Print processes that have been established over decades must be integrated into e-commerce business processes. The role of print is changing dramatically: from the main communication channel to an individualized, intelligent impetus medium.

priint:suite in trade

priint:suite can be used as a print catalogue system or as a print component of e-commerce platforms. Leading PIM and e-commerce manufacturers rely on the print components of priint:suite. With functionalities for individualization, personalization and on-demand rendering of analog and digital publications, priint:suite paves the way for the further development of offline communication in the retail sector. For example, the easy integration capability of priint:suite facilitates the direct integration of publishing components into the commercial systems so as to prevent process and media disruptions.

Specialist suppliers and leading commercial enterprises use priint:suite in their daily print communication

Retail - extract from our customers

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