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Wholesale Distribution


The challenge facing wholesale distribution

Digital transformation has a lasting effect on most business models and communication strategies. For intermediaries, this means significant risks for existing business models which are called into question not only by internet trade but also by the manufacturing industry. Customer loyalty and extended service orientation are increasingly important success factors.

The product communication of the intermediaries must furnish better and more relevant information on the product than is provided by industry itself. A knowledge base for the products that are to be marketed is already an important USP for the intermediary. As in industrial enterprises, master data and product information management have to be aligned towards digital communication and linked with CRM data; customers have to be integrated into the communication process via social media and, last but not least, offline and online communication have to be dovetailed. High-performance marketing portals must be made available to business partners to ensure that they, in turn, can engage in targeted and cost-effective communication.

priint:suite in wholesale distribution

The components of priint:suite offer valuable assistance in the fast and efficient creation of traditional print publications such as catalogs, price lists and advertising materials. Interfaces to most standard PIM providers pave the way for the fast and efficient implementation of database publishing projects. Different systems can also be integrated with the greatest of ease. Thanks to the enterprise web-to-print functionalities, business partners can be offered platforms for individualized on-demand publishing. In addition to niche suppliers, market-leading intermediaries now also rely on priint:suite for future-oriented print communication.

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