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PULSIVA - Automated creation of multilingual main and excerpt catalogs

9 catalogs x 9 languages = 170 Mio. pages yearly

Up to 50% time and cost savings have been achieved through the automated, template-based creation of Pulsiva catalogs. The concept is scalable to the entire Erwin Müller Group and its subsidiaries.

Our Enterprise Solution Partner SDZeCOM analyzed the current print process at Pulsiva and proposed alternative courses of action. This preferred scenario was validated in a proof of concept.

In the conception and proof of concept stage the task consisted of automated production of the multilingual main and excerpt catalogs (9 catalogs annually in 9 different language variants each). Another requirement was to scale the solution for the entire Erwin Müller Group and its subsidiaries. The priint:suite was introduced in conjunction with an InDesign server and connected to the PIM system. A uniform basis (Linux) was created for the priint:suite and Contentserv.

This means that 170 million pages per year (in Germany) with regular price updates of approx. 5,000 articles are now automatically created and produced.

The result:

  • Digitization of manual processes of media creation
  • Up to 50% time and cost savings
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Simple creation of language variants through integrated translation processes
  • Seamless integration into the current system landscape

The 9 main and excerpt catalogs, each in 9 languages, are now created automatically and template-based, which led to a time and cost reduction of up to 50%.

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Publication Date

Nov 8, 2019, 11:18:00 AM

Jonathan Dropiewski
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