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Stämpfli AG

Stämpfli AG

Stämpfli is a leading provider of product information management (PIM) and e-business solutions for dealers, manufacturers and service providers. As an individual company, we develop software solutions for product communication and are suppliers to leading companies in the higher midsized range.

Stämpfli AG • Stämpfli AG

Due to today’s large variety of touchpoints and technical options, successful communication requires continuous, consistent data flows. Any data traffic backup at any node can wreak havoc and cause a chain reaction. Therefore, processes need to be finely tuned in order to ensure the continuous flow of data – from acquisition to output.

Stämpfli is a leading integrator of solutions for PIM (Product Information Management), e-business, and print publishing.

The company is a specialist in the areas of product communication and multi-channel publishing, electronically preparing and distributing catalogs, flyers, and business reports for its clients – in any number of languages and fully automated across all channels.

Renowned customers throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland rely on the problem-solving skills of this PIM specialist: Stämpfli has been working with publication systems for more than thirty years and prides itself on its long-term employees who ensure successful project implementations thanks to their many years’ worth of expertise.




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