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The Catalog

Unifying quality and quantity

Once the lifeblood and backbone of many enterprises, the catalog is now the aging workhorse of B2B and B2C communication. Can a digital medium fully take on the classic function of a catalog?

No, and the market confirms that – catalogs continue to be indispensable! They are, however, now being published in a more targeted, group-specific and theme-oriented manner in more languages and for different markets. Catalogs are also provided in digital form for small markets.

In an age when consumers are bombarded by media messages, the catalog clearly sets itself apart from the digital background noise. With relevant and timely information, the catalog is no longer lagging behind. The depth of information, combined with the comprehensive range of presentation, enhances its value and makes it even more attractive as an enticing, lean-back medium with good brand communication.

The Catalog • Unifying quality and quantity
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