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The release of priint:suite 4.1.6 is available!

Long awaited and now finally available: The release of print:suite 4.1.6 is finally available!

The priint:suite 4.1.6 is now available with all its new features such as the priint:planner Layout Briefing. Some new features and improvements are just waiting for you!

The release of priint:suite 4.1.6 is available! Here are some facts about the new version:

priint:comet goes Illustrator®

From 4.1.6 there is a priint:comet plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator®. It automatically creates and updates Illustrator® files. Both text and image frames are supported. Layout rules can be used. The principle of operation is as close to the priint:comet InDesign plug-in as possible. In the webinar you can see both the English and German versions live.

priint:planner Layout Briefing

From 4.1.6 a new module for priint:planner is offered. With the module pages can be compiled in a graphical manner. Products are placed on a grid. Selection of specific content (for example images) is possible. Additionally using Content Meta Data print specific content can be created. A print preview function allows the creation of previews for each grid cell. The module is used for creative print publications, for example mail order catalogs or leaflets. See the webinar covering both the English and German versions.

Content Meta Data for Planning

With version 4.1.6 Entity Manager was enhanced to provide the use of content meta data. This is not only needed for data originating from attached content systems but also handy for planning data. For example, identifying which product should be placed on a new page first is likely to be saved in the Planning list of the 'Planning & Briefing' window. With 4.1.6 a new special meta data entity can be created. The UI kit can display it as an additional checkbox column in the planning list. Then the user can easily define where the page change should happen.

Enhancement of Content Meta Data

Content Meta Data can be used from 4.1.6 for Page Templates and Page Template Elements. This is especially used in the new priint:planner Layout Briefing.

Enhancement of Generic REST Connector

The generic REST connector was improved in several ways: its JSON and XML processing allows conditional expressions now, name spaces can be used and custom parameters are supported.

Enhancement of Deployment Packages

From 4.1.6 the priint:suite installer and updater can use a prepared deployment package for updating your priint:suite. The installer and updater will import everything in this prepared deployment package.

Linux Support

There are installers for publishing server and comet PDF renderer for the Linux distribution Ubuntu Server available now.

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Mar 27, 2019, 02:13:00 PM

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