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Haeme Ulrich
Fr 4. Mai, 10:30 - 11:05
Strategy (905)

Imagine what can disruptively destroy your jpb at work. And that's exactly what you're gonna have to do. Otherwise someone else will do it - that's the speaker's tip. We are in the middle of an incredible upheaval, as we publish. The problem is that many people don't notice it and just continue to make themselves obsolete. This session deals first with the changes in publishing. And then, more importantly, how you can take advantage of these changes.

Haeme Ulrich

Haeme Ulrich

Haeme Ulrich accompanies publishing professionals as a consultant and trainer. Even software companies like Adobe rely on his expertise and innovative thinking. Several publishers have managed to turn the tide of digital transformation under his guidance and are again successfully on the road today. As founder and writer, he is part of the team behind the well-known publishing blog. He is also an international speaker at industry events. His motto:"Understand today what will happen tomorrow.

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