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Vignold Group GmbH

Vignold Group GmbH

brandstreet is an innovative software publisher, headquartered in the area around Düsseldorf, Germany. With around 15 employees, the business works to ensure that marketing concepts hit the streets quicker and more straightforwardly than ever before. Expertise that has been created through years of collaboration with the Vignold group of companies is incorporated into the PoS Manager and adSuite.

Vignold Group GmbH • Vignold Group GmbH

Our background
We at Brandstreet are innovative software producers. Our roots already go back to the
year 2000. It all began as a contract with the Deutsche Post World Net. Back then, when
we were still a development unit of VIGNOLD, who are currently our exclusive sales partner,
we developed a Brand Asset Management System. However, that was not all it was meant to be. Driven by our passion to simplify everyday marketing for our customers, we developed applications for P&C, C&A and the Tengelmann Group, that went far beyond the functions of basic asset management. The combined expertise will now be brought together in both of the projects PoS Manager and adSuite. This way other companies can also benefit from our systems.

What drives us
We offer infrastructure, which ensures that marketing ideas hit the street faster and simpler. It is important to us to find out, in discussions with our users, where information gaps hinder a process and what the important “Time-wasters” are. Only then have we reached our own specified goals, if we develop tools that simultaneously save our user time and improve their experience.

Our team
The life force of our products is the peoplethat develop them. Brandstreet is bustling with concept developers, product managers, frontend designers, front and backend developers, application developers and implementers. All of us have a burning passion for our solutions, continuously taking up new impulses and evolving ideas further. Last but not least, our collaborations with universities and technology companies help us always stay on the cutting edge.

Our products
The web-based PoS Manager software family provides a practical solution to the challenges resulting from the planning and implementation of a visual marketing strategy. What makes it unique is its combination of planning, production, ordering and controlling tools in one system – at a cost which will not break the bank.
The web-based content management system, adSuite, simplifies workflows when creating a range of different marketing and advertising materials. adSuite creates a centralized file repository, makes corrections and amendments immediately visible to all users, and brings all project stakeholders together via a single, overarching system.

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