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Webinar: Hyperautomation

How print processes adapt to digital communication

Print touchpoints do not lose relevance in digital communication. The print process must adapt to the speed of digital communication. How can the print process be accelerated?

Take part in our webinar about "Hyperautomation" on November 5, 2020 for free and look forward to an informative webinar today.

In a digital-saturated world, print touchpoints are more relevant than ever. But, in order to achieve continuity and efficiency, the print process must adapt to the speed of digital communication! Jonathan Dropiekski, CEO Priint Americas, and Horst Huber, Founder & CEO WERK/Priint, will walk you through the innovation of hyperautomation!


Thu, Nov 05 2020, 04:00 PM CET - Thu, Nov 05 2020, 04:45 PM CET

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