Who needs a PIM system?

Andreas Weber
Consultant + Implementation semantic PDM
Semantic PDM GmbH & Co KG
Fr 4. Mai, 13:30 - 14:15

A PIM system is usually used in marketing to collect and maintain the necessary product data and images for different publication channels - a construct born of necessity. All this data comes from upstream processes and should ideally be collected and released by the persons with the corresponding data sovereignty at the moment of its creation. The renewed maintenance of data in a PIM system is superfluous. The aim is therefore to set up an integrating data platform in which all product-related data is integrated from the PIM. This makes multiple recording and maintenance superfluous. The technological basis is a semantic network or graph database - a technology that has proven its performance in social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Andreas Weber

Consultant + Implementation semantic PDM, Semantic PDM GmbH & Co KG

Andreas Weber

Mr. Weber is an independent consultant for semantic data management; he has 25 years of management experience in medium-sized manufacturing companies and studied and earned his doctorate at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg - specializing in production engineering. His focus and references are: Process analysis and redesign, data flow optimization; networking and consolidation of distributed data sources; project management (processes and IT); organizational development and the introduction of collaborative structures and working methods.

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