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Why still marketing - everything becomes digital anyway!

Horst Huber
WERK II / priint Group
Do 3. Mai, 10:45 - 11:30
Strategy (905)

The gap between offline and online is still huge - and it is hardly getting smaller. In many companies, offline and online departments live side by side which at best is a peaceful coexistence. Instead of closing this gap, the focus is on e-business, digital marketing, offline communication in isolation and processes are not an integral part. This has a negative impact on brand awareness, the customer experience in the channels and touchpoints, the efficiency of the print channel and the quality of product data.
Horst Huber talks about the risks, challenges and potentials of digital transformation in marketing in his key note. Look forward to a creative assembly of different themes and aspects of our mastermind and let yourself be inspired.

Horst Huber

CEO, WERK II / priint Group

Horst Huber

Horst Huber is a pioneer in system-supported publishing. His deep knowledge in the areas of cross channel marketing, process optimization, database publishing/web-to-print, benchmark marketing and potential analyses results from more than 25 years of project experience in retail, mail order and industrial companies.

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